New Texas Real Estate Contracts

These changes help consumers understand the cost of doing business. It is the consumers responsibility to quit hiring flashy agents off Instagram.

The new Texas real estate contracts bring significant changes for both consumers and the real estate industry. For consumers, these contracts offer enhanced clarity and protection, ensuring better understanding of terms and conditions. Key updates include simplified language, clearer disclosure requirements, and more comprehensive contingency clauses, which help buyers and sellers make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

For the real estate industry, the new contracts streamline transactions and reduce ambiguities, potentially lowering the chances of legal disputes. Real estate professionals will need to stay updated on these changes to provide accurate guidance to their clients. Overall, the new contracts aim to foster transparency, efficiency, and trust in Texas real estate transactions.

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Texas Realtors can move much faster than TREC.  Tree only meets 4 times year.  

32 states do not have buy representation. Our forms are more professional. Professional Fees of/or Compensation remain a vital part of the transaction.  Ever tried getting someone to work hard for low compensation? They don’t care about anything except surviving. 

Real Estate Transactions are like airplane flights.  Some flights are long not all landings are smooth, not all conditions are clear. 

In regards to buyers agreements, Redfin will need to have these new forms signed by every customer and or client before every showing with a new agent.

The showing fee must be standardized to avoid discrimination.  The full service fee is negotiable?  How is that not discrimination? Because marginalized folks can’t afford homes?  I’m crying. Lord please help me.

It really is all about perception.  

I don’t know that this is going to make things more affordable or clear.  

Compensation must be agreed.  Do you really want a bargain basement negotiator working on your behalf on the biggest purchase of your dreams?N

No fiduciaries can be prospects anymore, Realtors can only help you if you are a clients now.

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